Food Coloring is a fantasy sci-fi comic that I had starting thinking about in November 2015 and then drawing a year later. The story is centered around a teenageĀ girl who wakes up in Novopangea and tries to find her way back home, using methods that eventually entangle her in worldly matters that she is alien to.

About the Author

I am currently a high school student and I make panels over the weekend. Sometimes I take pauses to do school work or take exams! (and sometimes its because I overwork my wrist oops). I plan on majoring in animation and video game design. If you want to see more of my work, my instagram is bumblelybug.

If you want to email me and ask me questions or something, you can email me at

Ive also made an if you wanna ask some questions about the comic or directed at characters at

Thanks for your interest in my webcomic!

thank you so much for being interested in my comic!